A Personal Welcome from Lee
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We make basses. Period. We're a small company and we take great pride in making an instrument that is unique, if not revolutionary.

(Lee speaking)
Playing bass in two groups means at least five hours of playing per week. I'm thankful I have that opportunity.
But in the summer of 2002 my wrists began to hurt after only an hour or so of playing. Noting the bent aspect of both wrists as I played my horizontal bass, I began to imagine an upright fretted bass and how my hand positions would be different as I played it.
I couldn't find such an instrument to suit me, so I built one.
It's called "The Secretary" because I had a little nameplate in a drawer in the shop. And the nameplate fit perfectly on the headstock from the "donor bass".
It was a fun project. People noticed the instrument and commented. I noticed my wrists--they were no longer telling me I should give up bass playing.
After fellow musicians repeatedly told me how good "The Secretary" sounded, I made another instrument...and another....and each sounded better than the last.
Even the first serial numbered BVBs vary from one to the next as the inveterate tinkerer in me has fiddled with components, varied pickup layout and tried different wood and core combinations, always seeking perfection in sound, playability and feel. By the time #30 was built I was content with evenness of tone, the low end growl, and the overall playability of the Barker Bass.
Prior to founding the eponymous instrument company, I owned and operated Great Ned! Woodworks for 22 years. As a custom woodworker and commercial cabinetmaker I enjoyed a reputation as a careful craftsman, a creative problem solver and a community minded businessman. And, in my off hours, bassplayer in the Dry Canyon Philharmonhick.
In that group as well as a local Praise Team, I Play It Straight with a Barker Bass.

Lee Barker: owner, craftsman, innovator, tester
Linda Barker: owner, advertising coordinator, PR
Lou Brochetti: technical direction, final assembly, setup, quality control
Dean Mancini: finishing
Ian Blackie, Adweb Communications: web site
J D Grinnell, Marketing Ink: print publicity
LiAndra Johnson (and Patrick Johnson and daughter Maya);
Pete Barker (and Kelley);
Joel Barker (and Damiana);
Joe Post (and Sarah): Our far-flung offspring (and their significant others), all of whom offer support and ideas

We're the company that successfully blended the two discrete evolutionary lines of stringed instruments that play bass notes: The electrified orchestral (double) bass (EUB) and the electric bass guitar (EBG). We imagined, developed and perfected the chambered body which, in conjunction with EBG electronics, produces a signature Barker Bass sound unlike either of its parents. It combines the ease of play in the upright position with the speed, precision and amplifiable signal of an EBG. All this is realized in a visually stunning package that is striking to behold on stage and a delight to play in any venue.

We seek to be environmentally responsible in an increasing way. We strive to use recycled materials as much as possible and help support wind-powered sources of electricity. We are members of the Redmond (Oregon) Chamber of Commerce, are active in our community and volunteer in support of our local Hospice.

We invite you to discover all there is to know about the Barker Bass. If you have questions, call us (Pacific Time) toll free 888.899.8302.
When you purchase a Barker Bass you will be setting yourself apart as a bassist at the same time you are joining a fascinating group of diverse players who have discovered the joy of Playing it Straight.

The Barker Vertical Bass - Patent Pending

copyright Barker Bass, 2003

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