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Andrew Pfaff
Clifton, NJ (New York City area)
He's a pro player and a teacher and he does studio work too! Busy person, Andrew. And he's written a book about bass playing as well. A four string fretless and a fretted four are his choices. Andrew has a real first: He's played a Barker Bass at the Rainbow Room.

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Joel Barker
Portland, OR
Pete's taller brother. He writes computer software manuals by day, but is never far from his Barker Bass. He helps out in the Barker shop when he can, forcing himself to endure the 140 mile motorcycle ride to get there and back. He has built a prototype Barker 6 string, "just because." He did not take it back home on the motorcycle. Joel plays casual gigs with a singer songwriter.

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Doug Mancini
Santa Cruz, CA
Doug is a full-time bassist; live performance, studio and bass instruction. He got hooked the first time he played a Barker Vertical Bass, and shortly thereafter laid down some tracks for the "Barker Bass" web-site. Originally a four-string purist, Doug plays a Barker 5 string live at his shows and is now making it possible for musicians and audiences to hear this amazing instrument upclose and personal. He welcomes the question "What kind of bass is that? Tell me more!" and loves discussing the instrument with the "ever so curious" bassist. It was Doug who coined the phrase, "THE TONE, this bass has it!"

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Pete Barker
Sacremento, CA
The last name is no coincidence. He grew up in a home where basses were common. Now he plays a Barker, the "uncommon bass," and enjoys telling the curious that, yes, it is unusual, and my dad built it! You'll see him with his 4 string fretless Barker at casual gigs in the Sacramento area. McKay is his dog. Oh, and he plays guitar too. Pete, not McKay.

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The Barker Vertical Bass - Patent Pending

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