A Personal Welcome from Lee
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Fellow bassplayers of the world:
My Brother is a drummer in Central Oregon and he told me about a luthier there who was making an upright bass that might be of interest to me. Bassists are by nature curious, so I needed to find out more. I took time out from my fulltime bass playing and teaching to investigate this "new" instrument.

Doug ManciniA month later I found myself in an Oregon studio with my brother on drums, recording demonstration tracks for the Barker Bass web site (hear the tracks here). It's a distance from Santa Cruz to Redmond, Oregon but it was worth the effort because of one thing: Tone.

My mainstay basses are a '58 Precision and a '66 Jazz. Now you know what I'm used to.

The Barker Bass gets the tone that most high-end boutique bass guitar makers have been striving for. It will be your ears, more than your eyes, that will be saying "WOW" when you hear a Barker Bass in person. Lee has the secret, and it's in the body of the Barker Bass.

The first thing I want fellow bassists (who are not familiar with upright playing) to know is there is no reason to be intimidated by the upright position of the Barker Bass. My fretting hand felt immediately right at home-I didn't even have to think about it. As far as my right hand, the pedaling, plucking hand, it took me just a minute to adjust the action to suit my taste and I was right at home, like I'd been playing it forever.

Lee uses the best hardware, bridge and tuners. It's your standard 34" scale neck, fretted or fretless (I play both on the recording), in 4 or 5 string models. Your standard Jazz Bass pickup configuration, three knobs, a volume control for each pickup and a tone control.

Now here's the difference: Lee's own unique original body design, resting on a stand. Unique and original to look at, right, but to hear, this baby has "The Tone."

No matter what style of music you play, this bass will do the job, and more. Caress that beautiful body and let her sing.

It has been an honor to record the first demonstration tracks of the Barker Bass. And thanks to my brother Dean for the introduction.

Doug Mancini www.mancinibass.com Santa Cruz, California


The Barker Vertical Bass - Patent Pending
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