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Dan Elliott and his crew outdid themselves this year. The event was held at the Koinonia Koffeehouse, a lovely facility with built in stage, lights and soundsystem. Meeting rooms on either side were used as well, which allowed attendees (and the public) to visit the exhibitors' booths anytime. The coffee was good. As if you'd need to stay awake with that many bass players on the scene!

These are the folks who underwrote Quake:
Accugroove • Aguilar • Alembic • Barker Musical Instruments
BASSically.net • Bassics Magazine • Bass Player Magazine
Fender • Gallien-Krueger • Glockenklang • Modulus
Peavey • Sound Decision Advertising • SWR • Thomastik-Infeld
Yamaha • Zon

Special thanks to Mark Wright of Accugroove who lent us one of his fantastic 112 speaker boxes and his ultra clean Thunderfunk amp.

Bass players were treated to innovative and entertaining sessions with some of the biggest names in bass playing. Trip Wamsley kept the program rolling along. It was a memorable weekend from the Praise session Friday night right on through to the "everybody get up here and plug in" closing stage session (see the last photo).

It will happen again next year about this time. Keep a steady eye on www.bassquake.org.

Edo Castro

Edo Castro, Bass Recording Artist

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Trip Wamsley The Jam


The Barker Vertical Bass - Patent Pending

copyright Barker Bass, 2003

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