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Barker Bass - Playing It Straight

Article appeared in Bend Living

Lee Barker

As a bass player in two groups. Lee Barker was putting in at least five hours a week on his instrument - and his wrists didn't like it. Former owner of Great Ned Woodworks, the custom woodworker put his creative problem-solving skills to good use and came up with the Barker Vertical Bass, an upright fretted bass with thick veneers and 34" neck on hard rock maple with rosewood or maplewood fingerboard. Not only does the design relieve the wear and tear on musician's wrists, and free the left hand to travel the fretboard. The sound is excellent, according to other musicians: "...fat without being boomy with incredible sustain," says Clay Smith, SoundSmith Studios. Laura Quigley of Misty River Band describes the sound as "solid, happy, bright and clear...I felt free and easy (playing the Barker Vertical)." To hear Barker live, look for performances of the Dry Canyon Filharmonhick or Praise Team. Sounds good in every way. For more information, visit www.barkerbass.com.

The Barker Vertical Bass - Patent Pending

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