A Personal Welcome from Lee
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What You See
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34" Fender Jazz Bass® type, 1.5" at the nut (four string). Select hard rock maple with rosewood fingerboard (fretted) or ebony (fretless).
5 bolt attachment to the body.

Nominal 2" thick 3-ply construction, typically cherry front with alder core and back.
Heavy cast roller bridge.
Fully adjustable endpin to accomodate players to 6'2".

Hand Rubbed semigloss. Durable and elegant.

Heavy duty locking type with positive stud-and-socket attachment to bass. Solid gear-teeth locking head.

Heavy woven nylon abrasion-resistant padded gig bag with hand and shoulder straps and zippered pocket. Separate bag for stand.

What You Get
1. An upright fretted or fretless bass that plays naturally and easily.

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2. A unique instrument. We have set the standard for a bass that combines the comfort and playability of an upright with the sonic palette and hand-speed potential of a bass guitar.

3. Unparalleled sustain. In a blindfold test conducted with two Barker Basses and three big name (one was even "pre-CBS") horizontal basses, the BVBs won every time. The uniquely chambered construction and the freestanding design are responsible for this sonic feature. The instrument's natural resonance is not dampened by contact with the musician's body.

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4. Playing comfort. When you are playing the Barker Bass, your body is carrying no extra weight. Your left hand is not holding up the instrument--it is free to travel the fretboard. Your right forearm and hand are in a relaxed, horizontal position. Neither of your wrists is hyperextended.

5. Stage appeal. The Barker Bass commands attention. The graceful lines generate comments from the curious and from fellow musicians. You're set apart.

6. A handcrafted, hand tested bass made by craftsmen in a small town in Oregon, U.S.A.

The Barker Vertical Bass - Patent Pending

copyright Barker Bass, 2003

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