A Personal Welcome from Lee
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Barker Musical Instruments has just released a limited edition of four signed and numbered basses to commemorate the two year anniversary of launching the Barker Bass into the music instrument market.

Limited Edition Barker Basses

Lee created the line from wood that he purchased from a local wood recycler. The recycler often stopped by Lee's with a piece of wood that he couldn't identify. On this visit, the piece of weathered wood he had was one of several staves of barrels used for soaking cherries in the Willamette Valley. When Lee cut into the douglas fir board he found bright pink veins of color left by cherry juice wicking into the wood. He bought it all.

There was just enough wood to craft four instruments.

The Commemorative Barker Basses start at $5000.
For additional information contact Lee:

email: lee@barkerbass.com

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copyright Barker Bass, 2003

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