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Barker Bass Price List

The B1

The refined result of Lee Barker's original vision: Jazz bass neck, Seymour Duncan passive pickups in a jazz configuration, 34" scale.

Premium cherry front. 2+2 headstock (four); 2+3 headstock (five).

four string fretted $3795
four string fretless $3895
four string lined fretless $3995
five string fretted $4195
five string fretless $4295
five string lined fretless $4395

The Brio

Split-pickup earthiness in a slimmer, lighter iteration. 34" scale, 1.5" nut, passive custom p-bass electronics with four-on-a-side tuning machines.

Alder on alder body. Environmentally respectful waterborne finish over translucent red, green, blue, java or natural toner.

four string fretted $2595
four string line fretless $2695

Prices subject to change without notice.
Prices include gig bag, stand bag and stand.
Shipping additional.

For information for dealers, contact Steve Schisler: steves@barkerbass.com


Gig Bag Set

Need a spare to keep nice for formal gigs? High quality heavy nylon exterior; padded interior.Dual zippers converge at the endpin and lock. Horizontal carrying handles as well as over-the-shoulder strap. Zippered pocket for cords, tuners, songlist. Stand Bag zips securely at the top and protects the stand in transit. Includes shoulder strap.
Set: $195

Gig bag
Stand Bag
Soft, protective interior

Second Stand

There are lots of reasons to have an auxiliary stand:

  • One set up in the music room while one is all bagged up ready to go to the gig.
  • One at church, ready for rehearsal there.
  • One at the guitar player's house, ready for the next jam.

  • It's an inexpensive convenience. $195.

    Second Stand

    The ShopCase

    Built at Barker Musical Instruments, this case is designed for protection in the van. Die cut foam insert as shown, as well as hook-and-loop anchors for the stand. It's lightweight and offers good daily assurance that your Barker is well kept. Gig bag may be packed as well. Not recommended for air travel.
    Allow four weeks from time of order.

    shipping $350 plus shipping

    Case protective corners
    Quality handle

    ATA Flight Case

    Custom made by Rock Hard Road Cases exclusively for the Barker Bass. Includes custom die cut foam insert and hook-and-loop anchor points for the stand.Two handles for carrying; two wheels and handle for towing. Tough enough for air travel and daily road use.

    Allow four weeks from time of order. $575 plus shipping.

    The Barker Bass Mute Set

    Developed by Lee Barker, the Mute Set allows the player three different damping options for a more uprighty "thunk." Slide one or both in next to the bridge and hear the difference!

    Alpha mute on a B1 fretted five
    Beta mute on a B1 fretless four

    Alpha-beta combination on a
    Brio fretted four

    The Barker Mute Set, with bag. $19.95; shipped free in the U.S.

    The Barker Vertical Bass - Patent Pending

    copyright Barker Bass, 2003

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